Raisin-Filled Baked Apple

1 medium apple (Honeycrisp)
1 Tbsp. raisins
About 1/16 tsp. cinnamon

Place raisins in a heat-proof bowl and pour boiling water over
them. Allow them to soak until plump (time will depend upon the
age of your raisins) and remain in soaking liquid until you are
ready to cook.

Wash an apple and remove most of the core, leaving about
1/4-inch at the bottom. Remove a thin strip of peel from around
the cavity. Place the apple into a deep microwave-safe baking
dish or bowl. Sprinkle the inside with a little cinnamon and
fill with drained raisins. Pour a teaspoon of the soaking water
over the raisins.

Microwave, uncovered, on high power until apple is tender, 3-5
minutes, testing with a fork after 3 minutes. Allow to cool for
5 minutes before serving. (Caution: Inside can be very hot, so
do let them cool before eating.)

NOTE: To cook more than one apple at a time, increase the
cooking time by about 1 minute per extra apple. And remember,
microwaves vary so yours may take a little less or more time.